Seamless Service to a Single Device

In a world where staying connected is essential, mobile networks are evolving to ensure that customers never lose service. Satellite communications have traditionally been relegated to large and expensive specialized devices but are now being integrated directly into everyday consumer products, including smartphones, to extend coverage for existing terrestrial services well beyond the reach of cell towers and to add redundancy and resilience to networks already in place.

Leveraging the right spectrum and right satellite system, every mobile device could stay connected all the time.


Mobile Satellite Service (MSS) Spectrum is specifically designated for use over MSS systems. Ligado operates in the L-band (1.5/1.6GHz) across North America. One of only two bands currently designated by 3GPP for Non-Terrestrial-Networks, the L-band benefits from excellent propagation characteristics, supporting robust mobile connections that are not susceptible to weather degradation.

Satellite System

Ligado’s SkyTerra satellites are designed specifically to close the link from geostationary orbit to small consumer devices. In fact, we have demonstrated the ability to do just that using current technology. Today, with the emergence of 5G standards for satellite networks and an in-orbit satellite network that can readily support the next generation of consumer devices, we have the building blocks in place to deliver new direct-to-device satellite services.