Bringing the Network of Networks to Life

Ligado and its technology partners are developing technical and commercial plans to support private network solutions and broad-based 5G coverage deployments. Ligado is working with industry leading vendors to develop the ecosystem for chipsets, devices, and base stations. As part of its overall effort, Ligado is also advancing efforts to standardize satellite IoT technology and enable IoT devices for terrestrial and satellite network services.

Custom Private Networks

Companies looking to enable reliable and secure network connectivity need more than a one-size-fits-all solution. The emerging 5G and IoT markets require purpose-built networks that take into consideration the intended use case and unique physical location requirements. Custom Private Networks from Ligado will combine the benefits of secure, licensed spectrum with seamless satellite and terrestrial connectivity—so that customers receive superior performance while retaining full network flexibility and control.

Standards-Based Satellite IoT

Satellite IoT protocols based on widely adopted mobile industry standards will provide critical IoT endpoints with the ubiquitous coverage and ultra-reliable connectivity that enables seamless operation across both mobile satellite and terrestrial networks. Economies of scale that have not previously been realized within the satellite device ecosystem will drive down device costs, promoting wider adoption of satellite technology as a key component of the 5G “network of networks.”

Value Added Services

Emerging applications in unmanned systems and High-Precision Location promise to transform how industries perform business-critical operations. Ligado’s ability to seamlessly integrate these value-added services with our connectivity solutions will catalyze this transformation.

MSAT Services

Where land-based communications do not exist or when they are damaged, destroyed, or congested in a disaster situation, Ligado MSAT Voice and Push-To-Talk services get the job done. Search and rescue teams; police and firefighters; maritime and fishing fleets; work crews and drivers for utilities, railroads, trucking, and off-road racing teams, all rely on the Ligado MSAT-G2 Mobile Satellite Radio to stay in touch when communications are critical.