How Ligado's Custom Private Networks Lead the Way

Digital transformation can increase productivity, foster product innovation and more rapidly deploy new business models. The key to customer success is not only confidence in achieving a return on investment but also creating a path to accelerated top-line and bottom-line performance. Starting with a foundation of reliable and secure communications through Custom Private Networks, Ligado will bring customers a complete ecosystem and custom solutions to drive profitable growth.


In dense, machine-oriented environments, a private network using Ligado-dedicated spectrum provides the security and reliability needed to run a factory floor at high-efficiency. From massive connections for monitoring equipment to low-latency, high-speed connections for smart manufacturing, Ligado’s Custom Private Networks will maintain superior performance even in challenging production-floor environments. Coverage will be able to extend beyond the factory floor to buildings across a campus, supporting physical plant operation and logistics and enhancing both security and worker safety.

Natural Resources and Agriculture

In remote areas such as expansive croplands, large mines or oil fields, Ligado’s Custom Private Networks will not only guarantee coverage, it will also offer the highly secure and ultra-reliable connectivity needed for the control of critical systems. Ligado’s wide coverage area and high-precision, pinpoint-location accuracy – down to centimeter-level – enables inspection and monitoring using Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), remote seeding or drilling, and the use of automated tractors and heavy equipment.

Commercial Transportation

For trucking companies and rail carriers, Ligado’s private networks support asset tracking, enhanced safety and efficiency.

Commercial trucking customers can maintain visibility to the location and condition of fleet and freight assets through support for applications, including driver safety and vehicle telematics. Monitoring and more effective routing can reduce costs further with better fuel management.

For the rail industry, Ligado’s pervasive satellite coverage and licensed spectrum will enable better worker safety and operational efficiency. Situational awareness and enhanced Positive Train Control are key capabilities available across a rail customer’s entire system, from rail yards to formerly ‘dark’ territories. Ligado will also support unmanned vehicles to monitor and inspect track integrity, pinpointing anomalies with High-Precision Location.

Supply Chain Management

Ports, multi-modal hubs and warehouses today are overwhelmed with volumes of containers and products with greater calls for efficient delivery and shipping. Ligado will provide visibility across the supply chain, increasing efficiency, preventing loss and driving smarter decisions. Whether goods are in the high-density environment of pick- and-pack, transiting through a multi-modal hub or steaming out of harbor, Ligado improves full supply chain operations.


From modernizing the distribution system to evolving the smart grid, Ligado’s Custom Private Networks offer utilities several advantages. The security and performance of Ligado’s licensed spectrum, combined with the latest 5G standard technologies will provide utilities with highly-reliable connectivity to improve operational efficiency, enable rapid response to changes in demand and boost worker and community safety. Ligado also powers the next-generation of push-to-talk and Land Mobile Radio solutions, extending digital connectivity across the service area for safe, efficient coordination of key personnel and services.

Public Safety

When disaster strikes, first responders require resilient and robust communications. Coordination across agencies and missions are paramount to help affected populations in urban, suburban and rural communities. Enhanced communications, unmanned systems and situational awareness enable public safety agencies to simplify operations, converging all efforts to focus on only the most critical messages at hand. With Ligado’s ultra-reliable Custom Private Networks providing robust, resilient surveillance and critical communications, public safety agencies can give impacted populations the chance to restore and rebuild communities.