The scale of a public network. The security and customization of a private one.

As businesses modernize their operations, they need connectivity that is flexible, highly secure and ultra-reliable. Enter 5G Mobile Private Network solutions, which will give companies the tools to support enterprise digital transformation.

Knowing that businesses need more than a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to connectivity, Ligado has partnered with industry leading providers to offer a range of Private Network solutions that leverage the benefits of dedicated, licensed, mid-band spectrum, while catering to unique technical requirements and business needs.

Local Spectrum Leasing

Ideally suited to customers in the Utilities and Critical Infrastructure Industries (UCII) sector, spectrum leases allow organizations to leverage lower mid-band spectrum for a wide array of power grid modernization projects, Internet of Things (IoT) initiatives, and business operations monitoring and control requirements cases – all on dedicated, secure, licensed spectrum.  UCII customers can lease spectrum across a defined geography tailored to their organization’s geographic scope of operations, anywhere in the United States, upon which they build and operate their own networks.

Key Benefits:

  • Immediate spectrum availability with no need to clear existing users
  • Future proof networks by acquiring spectrum already compatible with 4G as well as 5G
  • 5G ready with 5 or 10 MHz wide carriers
  • 4G LTE or 5G NR Deployments supported – allows users to choose the best network to support a wide range of desired applications
  • Option to combine with systems using upper mid-band spectrum such as CBRS or C-Band, increasing cell-site size, reducing deployment costs, and increasing capacity

For more information on Local Spectrum Leasing opportunities utilizing Ligado spectrum, please visit Select Spectrum.

Enterprise Private Networks

Ligado is partnering with leading network providers to bring licensed and dedicated lower mid-band spectrum to support end-to-end private network solutions. Ideal for companies requiring turnkey solutions that are intrinsically secure and reliable, Enterprise Private Networks provide an “out of the box” option allowing customers to own and manage the network or to purchase it as a service.

Enterprise Private Networks are offered through our partners and include both industrial-grade, traditional architecture solutions, and Open Radio Access Network (Open-RAN) solutions.