The scale of a public network. The security and customization of a private one.

As American businesses modernize their operations, they need connectivity that is flexible, highly secure and ultra-reliable. Enter Ligado’s 5G Mobile Private Networks solution, which will give companies the tools to support enterprise digital transformation.

Ligado will work with individual companies to understand their needs and customize a connectivity solution that meets their specific requirements and provides feature-rich, adaptable and scalable capabilities for network control and configuration.

Key elements of Ligado’s Mobile Private Network Solution include:

  • Licensed mid-band spectrum dedicated to private network use, available in any location in the United States.
  • Customization and control for design, deployment, and operation of a local wireless network.
  • Powered by Open RAN technology, which offers lower network costs and more flexibility by creating a multi-vendor ecosystem, bringing the scale of IT hardware to wireless and enabling increased network virtualization.
  • Enterprise network privacy, control, visibility and security.