Satellite Direct-to-Device

The Ligado mobile satellite network combines the ideal 5G mobile spectrum with the most sophisticated commercial geostationary MSS system in the market, to enable robust mobile connections that will be delivered direct to everyday consumer devices. With no need for external antennas or specialized devices, operators will be able to create an extended network, ensuring their customers are always covered, from coast to coast, wherever they may roam.

Standards-Based Satellite IoT

Satellite protocols based on widely adopted mobile industry standards will provide critical endpoints with the ubiquitous coverage and reliable connectivity that enables seamless operation across both mobile satellite and terrestrial networks. Economies of scale that have not previously been realized within the satellite device ecosystem will drive down device costs, promoting wider adoption of satellite technology as a key component of the 5G “network of networks.”

MSAT Services

Where land-based communications do not exist or when they are damaged, destroyed, or congested in a disaster situation, Ligado MSAT Voice and Push-To-Talk services get the job done. Search and rescue teams; police and firefighters; maritime and fishing fleets; work crews and drivers for utilities, railroads, trucking, and off-road racing teams, all rely on the Ligado MSAT Services to stay in touch when communications are critical.

5G Mobile Private Networks

American industry – especially the critical infrastructure companies that make up the country’s backbone – is mostly still operating on a disparate set of network and IT systems. With the rise of automation technology and distributed computing capabilities, however, private networks are becoming increasingly crucial to modern business operations – especially for those entities with unique physical or technological requirements like factories, farms, and public utilities.

With licensed mid-band spectrum available in every market across the nation, 5G Mobile Private Networks can give businesses the scale of a public network with the reliability, security and customization of a private one.

5G Public Networks

Ligado’s L-band spectrum can accelerate 5G rollout at lower costs and with greater reliability.

Lower mid-band spectrum delivers the perfect combination of coverage and capacity that next-generation networks demand. Ligado’s licensed lower mid-band spectrum sits in the 1.5 and 1.6 GHz range known as L-Band and offers a unique blend of characteristics from low and high-band spectrum that make it ideal for 5G:

  • Nationwide and greenfield licensed spectrum
  • Increased coverage as compared to higher mid-band spectrum
  • Increased signal range, and the ability to transmit through walls, and buildings as compared to higher mid-band spectrum

By combining L-Band with higher frequency spectrum in the 2 GHz to 6 GHz range, the result for network operators will be a faster 5G rollout at lower costs and with greater performance.