Statement | September 9, 2022

Ligado Networks Statement on Review of FCC 2020 Order by National Academies

“Ligado appreciates the review of the FCC’s April 2020 Order by the National Academies of Sciences, which confirms what the FCC found over two years ago. Ligado’s licensed and authorized operations can co-exist with GPS. As the report concludes, the technology to enable compatibility has been in use for over a decade, and most consumer equipment, commercial general navigation, timing, cellular and aviation receivers will not experience harmful interference from Ligado’s operations.

“The NAS found what the nation’s experts at the FCC already determined: A small percentage of very old and poorly designed GPS devices may require upgrading. Ligado, in tandem with the FCC, established a program two years ago to upgrade or replace federal equipment, and we remain ready to help any agency that comes forward with outdated devices. So far, none have.

“Now that the review is completed, it is our sincere hope the DOD and the NTIA will stop blocking Ligado’s license authority and focus instead on working with Ligado to resolve potential impacts relating to all DOD systems, including but not limited to GPS. We will continue working with all involved stakeholders to determine a mutually beneficial way forward.”

About Ligado Networks

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