Statement | May 22, 2020

Ligado Networks Statement on NTIA Petition for Reconsideration

“It is clear that the DoD is the driving force behind the NTIA petition.  This rehash of arguments put before the FCC over two years ago contains no new information or technical data to support its request that the FCC reconsider its recent unanimous, bipartisan decision.  The entire petition is premised on the tired 1 dB argument, which is just another way of the DoD saying, “we want this spectrum for our own use.”  The FCC carefully analyzed and dismantled that argument in its 74-page Order, and we are confident that it will affirm its decision upon review.  Maybe this is why Congress has raised so many concerns about what is happening at the NTIA and questioned its ability to play a positive role in critical spectrum management policy decisions.

We stand with the bipartisan Commission, Members of Congress, Attorney General Barr, Secretary of State Pompeo and the dozens of public interest, consumer, and wireless industry voices that have weighed in to support the FCC and greater utilization of the L-band.  We remain confident that, after review, the FCC will stand firm with its decision.”

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