Press Release | January 18, 2022

Ligado Announces Market Availability of Nationwide Mid-Band Spectrum

The company has chosen Select Spectrum to advance use of its licensed spectrum for reliable and secure 4G/5G private networks in the critical infrastructure sector

RESTON, Va. January 18, 2022 – Mobile communications company Ligado Networks and licensed spectrum brokerage and advisory firm Select Spectrum today announced an agreement to market Ligado’s mid-band spectrum to strengthen critical networks for projects like power grid modernization and advanced transportation initiatives.

Under the agreement, Select Spectrum will identify opportunities for localized access to Ligado’s licensed spectrum in the 1.6 GHz band. Many companies in the utilities and critical infrastructure industry sector (“UCIIs”) are investing in new technologies or upgrading existing networks that require dedicated access to licensed spectrum to meet enhanced security and reliability requirements and enable next-generation 5G capabilities to monitor and control critical business operations. Greater availability of licensed mid-band spectrum in the 1 GHz to 2 GHz range will expand competitive and technology options for the UCII sector, and specifically, Ligado’s 35 MHz portfolio of carrier-grade spectrum will support the coverage and capacity requirements for UCII operations throughout the U.S.

“We are excited that Select Spectrum will be marketing Ligado’s mid-band spectrum to deliver 5G capabilities for smart city, power grid modernization and advanced transportation projects,” said Ligado Networks Chief Executive Officer Doug Smith. “We know the critical infrastructure sector has an urgent need for dedicated access to licensed spectrum, and our mid-band spectrum, with both satellite and terrestrial connectivity, is uniquely positioned to meet this need and empower companies to operate private networks on a long-term basis.”

The Ligado spectrum portfolio includes 30 MHz of L-Band plus the 1670-1675 MHz Band, which will provide UCII companies a range of network configurations and broad array of private 4G LTE and 5G use cases. Spectrum in the 1 GHz to 2 GHz range combines excellent propagation with the ability to deliver high data throughput in real-world deployments that are particularly beneficial for the critical infrastructure sector. Additionally, Ligado’s mobile satellite network operations in North America offer the critical infrastructure sector extended coverage and network redundancy. These satellite capabilities can extend select applications for customer private networks beyond the areas covered by the terrestrial networks.

Select Spectrum President Robert Finch said, “Since the founding of our company over a decade ago, we have worked to help critical infrastructure organizations obtain the spectrum rights required to build reliable and extensive private networks. To date, we have advised parties in over 300 spectrum license transactions including both broadband and UCII entities. We believe that Ligado’s offering in the desirable lower mid-band dramatically surpasses spectrum choices currently available for secure industrial networks.”

To learn more about the availability of Ligado frequencies, reach out to:
Andreas Bitzarakis, Director, Broadband
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About Ligado Networks
Building on 25 years of experience providing crucial satellite connectivity, our mission is to modernize American businesses by delivering secure and reliable 5G connectivity solutions needed to transform their operations and realize the efficiencies of a digital world. Our plans to deploy licensed mid-band spectrum in public and private 5G networks will help pave the way for future innovations and economic growth across America.

About Select Spectrum
Select Spectrum focuses solely on the market for FCC spectrum licenses in the U.S., providing marketing, brokerage and consulting services to a wide range of clients. The company actively represents clients holding licenses across 22 different FCC spectrum bands, including narrowband, broadband and millimeter wave frequencies, ranging from 150 MHz to 40 GHz. Select Spectrum is an industry leader, having facilitated over 300 FCC license transactions. Select Spectrum has also provided spectrum consulting services to major utilities, wireless operators and financial institutions that have invested hundreds of millions of dollars in spectrum-oriented ventures.

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