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In The News | TelecomTalk | Tanay Singh | June 21, 2021

Saankhya Labs, Ligado Networks to Develop Next-Gen Satellite Communication Solutions

Saankhya Labs has just announced its partnership with Ligado Networks to develop next-generation satellite communication solutions. For the unaware, Saankhya Labs specialises in offering 5G NR, broadband and satellite communication applications. Ligado Networks, on the other hand, has experience of 25 years in providing crucial satellite connectivity to customers. Ligado Networks is an American company that also has 5G solutions in its portfolio.

Both the companies together will combine their resources and develop new next-generation satellite communications solutions.

Saankhya Labs and Ligado Networks Collaborate

Both the companies have announced that they will be collaborating to evaluate or measure the adaptation of the advanced mobile broadcast technologies for operation on Ligado’s advanced satellite network.

It is worth noting that both Saankhya Labs and Ligado Networks have deployed standards-based technologies so that satellite broadcast services can also be enabled in inexpensive and mainstream devices.

Ligado Networks has been providing mobile satellite service (MSS) to the U.S. government and its commercial customers across North America for years now. Along with enhancing its MSS offerings, Ligado is also developing new and innovative 5G Mobile Private Network services for enterprise customers across several sectors, including agriculture, manufacturing, public safety, and other crucial sectors.

The Chief Technology Officer of Ligado, Maqbool Aliani, said the company is working on developing advanced 5G private network services because ubiquitous satellite and terrestrial connectivity is very important for its enterprise customers.

Aliani further said that customised broadcast content delivery is very critical for evolving enterprise networks, and Ligado’s advanced satellite network is well-positioned to offer the needed service in an economic harmony with standard 5G unicast and broadcast technologies.

Ligado Networks will certainly benefit from its partnership with Saankhya Labs, which is known for its experience in the development, design, and deployment of mobile satellite terminals and hub-side baseband.

Saankhya Labs has multiple offerings under its portfolio of satcom solutions, including two-way MSS terminals, satellite phone, and end-to-end communication platform for satellite Internet-of-Things (IoT) applications.

Saankhya has a lot of recognition in powering satellite networks of strategic importance. For the unaware, Saankhya is a trusted partner of the Indian Space and Research Organisation (ISRO). Further, Saankhya also helps the Indian Railways in real-time tracking of the trains.

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