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In The News | Aviation Week Network | Daniel S. Goldin | July 9, 2020

Opinion: GPS Has Big Problems; Ligado Is Not One Of Them

For the past nine months, I have worked with world-class experts to study a longstanding request from Ligado Networks to create a ground-based 5G network using L-band spectrum. We found that L-band paired with C-band will accelerate the deployment of U.S. 5G and help counter China’s 5G ambitions without causing harmful interference to GPS. The testing record proves it and is further corroborated by the recent release of internal statements from Pentagon spectrum experts.

On April 20, the U.S. FCC announced approval of Ligado’s application to use the L-band spectrum between 1 and 2 GHz for a terrestrial 5G network providing cellular and internet-of-things data services. But Pentagon GPS advocates have enlisted the help of the Senate and House Armed Services committees to include amendments to the fiscal 2021 defense authorization bills that would empower the Defense Department to undermine the FCC’s unanimous, bipartisan decision on Ligado. If the respective Commerce committees do not assert jurisdiction over the FCC and blunt these amendments, this overt power move by the Pentagon could be complete.

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