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In The News | Fierce Wireless | Monica Alleven | August 20, 2020

Ligado: No, the Earth isn’t flat

It’s been about four months to the day that the FCC announced it had approved Ligado Networks’ application to deploy a low-power nationwide network in the L-Band to support 5G and IoT services. But the company is still being dogged by Department of Defense (DoD) and other opponents who insist Ligado’s planned use of the spectrum threatens military GPS.

Ligado representatives recently met with the legal advisors to FCC commissioners to discuss how GPS manufacturers and representatives of the aviation community “continue to both misrepresent the record in this proceeding and badly misconstrue the Commission’s April 22, 2020 Order and Authorization.”

Ligado also reviewed a set of documents that discuss how recent filings by the DoD, Department of Transportation (DoT), Department of Commerce (DoC) and the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) “deliberately misstate the effects of Ligado’s operations on GPS,” according to Ligado’s ex parte filings (PDF).

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