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In The News | C4isrnet | Buck McKeon | May 20, 2020

DOD needs to go beyond ‘entrenched viewpoints’ on Ligado

The House Armed Services Committee is one of the strongest allies of the Department of Defense on the Hill. My tenure as Chairman, from 2011-2015, was as close as I will ever come to “serving” with America’s brave and brilliant men and women in uniform, and it was the best professional time of my life. Though I left Congress five years ago, I pledged I would stay in the “fight” as long as there were issues I could champion that would help my former colleagues make the best decisions for the nation. As a consultant and lobbyist, I have found I can stay engaged and be helpful.

I’ve learned that “lobbyists” and politicians have a few things in common: they both depend on information and relationships to help solve problems, and because the “good” ones serve right alongside the not-so-good ones, people sometimes question motives. The venerable Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, whom I deeply admire and respect — and who has been a friend since I arrived in Congress in 1993 — last week raised the question of my affiliation with Ligado.

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