Managing Critical Resources

Energy production and distribution is complex and highly-regulated, requiring secure and reliable communications for both workers and machine operations. In addition to critical infrastructure monitoring and control for pipelines, the industry requires significant real-time tracking and electronic charting, regulatory reporting for tankers and enough bandwidth for crew, operational and third-party requirements.

Additionally, the industry is evolving towards more automated and remote management of operations to improve worker safety and deliver greater efficiency in management of remote assets and operations.

Reliable and Secure Data in the Harshest Environments

Increased demand for energy sources is pushing companies to spend more time exploring increasingly remote and challenging locations. Today, Ligado provides mobile Push­-to-Talk (PTT) in partnership with ViaSat and Cobham, allowing workers in these locations to communicate between vehicles, temporary sites and dispatchers.

Ligado provides machine-to-machine communications for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), oil, gas and water pipeline flow monitoring, and power distribution and transmission monitoring. Location coordinates are also relayed adding a layer of worker safety that speeds emergency response.

The Future of Safer Connected Pipelines

With enhanced monitoring capabilities enabled by machine-to-machine communications over the satellite­-terrestrial network, pipeline operations can be optimized to reduce repair delays and costs and to improve overall pipeline safety. Additional applications for telemetry, infrastructure and consumption monitoring and logistics management can be deployed on custom-built systems across the Ligado network to improve supply chain management, reduce financial liability and improve efficiencies throughout the system.

For both onshore and offshore sites, Ligado will be able to provide critical control and monitoring services over the advanced network. Precision location data can be logged and shared securely to enhance application efficiency and operational safety.

The “best of both worlds” approach combines satellite and ground functions to better serve the energy industry as it moves into more forward-looking approaches to extract, manage and transport the natural resources powering our world.