A Fast-Paced Environment, Along with Work-Life Balance

April Winkelmann
Manager, DevOps Project Management

“As a project manager with the DevOps team, there’s a lot of variety in my work. My projects are very cross-functional. For example, I’m currently installing new infrastructure on the network side and evolving a product to stay ahead of similar technology on the product side.

I’m working with talented people, many of whom have been at the company for years, all of whom have vast knowledge of our technology that they’re willing to share with others. That’s important, because when there’s a challenge, I see everyone step up to solve it.

Plus, Ligado’s technology is cutting-edge: We’re looking into the future and planning new approaches for the coming 5G environment and next generation of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). One of the most fascinating things about Ligado is how we’re looking at spectrum, which is such a valuable commodity for any communications company.

With so many bright individuals with good ideas, it’s great to also experience a supportive culture. Ligado invests in its employees, and gives us the tools to work more effectively and efficiently.  And that allows for a work-life balance, even in a fast-paced, startup-like environment.”