Advancing the Vision of Connected Railroad Technologies

Ligado’s advanced satellite­-terrestrial network can support Positive Train Control and other vital connectivity needs for the railroad industry.

Ensuring Safety and Operational Efficiency

As freight and passenger trains move across rails, over bridges and through tunnels, crews work to ensure safe and reliable transport while maintaining the supporting infrastructures.

Historically, Ligado’s satellite network has enabled the use of applications that monitor engine diagnostics, locomotive location and fuel optimization via mobile devices installed on locomotives. In partnership with ViaSat, a new ecosystem of satellite devices with integrated GPS receivers, WiFi, and Bluetooth interfaces can be mounted on any mobile platform, or at wayside stations, to support situational awareness and Positive Train Control for the rail industry. Ligado’s advanced satellite-terrestrial network will enhance capabilities for rail companies to have next-generation connectivity anywhere, further improving operational efficiency and ensuring worker safety even in remote territories.

Enhancing Remote Connectivity & Situational Awareness for Positive Train Control

Together with ViaSat’s MSS IP platform and device ecosystem, Ligado continues to further enable operational efficiencies, including locomotive performance, fuel optimization, and location applications via mobile terminals. These enhancements not only permit the rail industry to meet safety requirements but also augment existing Positive Train Control systems and provide back-up connectivity in populated regions. In addition, enabling connectivity in dark territories can transform operational efficiency and promote remote worker safety by using Ligado’s Push-to-Talk voice services.

Rail Use Case

Today's Capabilities
Tomorrow's Capabilities
Today's Capabilities

Enhanced Safety and Efficiency

To enable higher levels of operational efficiency, security and worker safety, human communications and machine connectivity technologies must be pervasive, robust and dependable.

The Ligado satellite network currently serves freight and passenger trains across North America, driving operational efficiencies. With the introduction of an all-IP service platform and device ecosystem from our partners, Ligado can further serve the rail industry by helping it meet worker and passenger safety mandates.

Connectivity for Railroad Operations and Safety, Anywhere, All the Time

Ligado’s advanced satellite­-terrestrial network will enable higher levels of operational efficiency, security and worker safety. Seamless handoff between satellite and terrestrial components will maximize coverage and performance in both urban and remote areas. Ubiquitous connectivity will reach every potential rail line, including dark corridors.

Critical train data, including video, will be transmitted securely to dispatch other trains and maintenance workers. For example, an octocopter inspection drone would be able to directly measure track integrity, including the distance between rails, the angle of rails, the distance between ties, and more. Through a secure real­-time video feed, railroad inspectors at the operations center could identify the faulty track, switch the track and detour a locomotive to avoid possible collisions or derailment.

The evolution of the Ligado advanced satellite-terrestrial network will augment Positive Train Control, provide more precise location tracking, increased capacity and coverage for real­-time data monitoring – all made possible by pervasive, highly secure and ultra-reliable connectivity.