Ultra-Reliable Connectivity for Advanced Communications

Mission­-critical operations across various industries depend on Ligado’s satellite network to provide reliable voice and data connectivity, real­-time location based services and remote monitoring of fixed and mobile assets. These low-latency and reliable data communications are ideal for applications such as mobile asset tracking, fleet management and telematics, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), pipeline flow monitoring, and power distribution and transmission monitoring. An advanced satellite-terrestrial network will increasingly better serve these industries and improve operations for mission-critical functions.

Commercial Trucking

Enabling key safety and operational efficiencies for the commercial transportation and industries.

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Supporting Positive Train Control and other vital connectivity needs for the railroad industry.

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Helping the aviation industry connect air­-to­-ground logistics, navigate more precise routes and provide critical real­-time telemetry.

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Improving the energy industry’s capabilities to monitor critical infrastructure and manage operational compliance.

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Public Safety

Supporting emergency response teams with coordinated response technologies, precise location data and continuous operations capabilities.

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