Committed to the Future of Connectivity

Our name, Ligado, means “connected.” It represents our vision of a world with endless opportunities to transform how we live and work, thanks to the seamless connectivity we provide.

Ligado Networks is working to ready an advanced satellite-terrestrial network unlike any that currently exists in North America, providing pervasive, highly secure and ultra-reliable connectivity to critical industries anywhere, all the time. In this way, Ligado Networks will connect the Internet of Things and help the emerging 5G market enable innovations that are yet to be imagined.

Our satellite network today operates throughout North America, offering ideal mission-critical connectivity where reliable service is crucial to safety. Pioneering encryption technology assures high levels of security, and our scalable, ground-based, beamforming technology provides greater flexibility in managing network capacity.

In the future, our network will combine the benefits of satellite coverage with the capacity of a ground-based network. We will deliver even higher performance and introduce new capabilities for critical sectors such as transportation, public safety and energy, reducing repair costs and downtime while improving efficiency and worker safety.

Utilizing one-of-a-kind technologies and capabilities and working with our leading technology partners, Ligado Networks is making stronger connections.