Performance and Flexibility

5G will transform the wireless industry, accelerating new categories of wireless connections and network types at an unprecedented rate. This diverse array of applications will require a “network of networks” – flexible wireless solutions working together to ensure ubiquitous and reliable connectivity. As part of the 5G “network of networks,” Ligado is primed to deliver high-quality terrestrial and satellite connectivity, enabled by nationwide spectrum in the lower mid-band and the Ligado SkyTerra 1 satellite.

Ligado’s lower mid-band spectrum has favorable propagation characteristics that enable broad versatility for a wide range of 4G and 5G deployment options. Ligado’s powerful SkyTerra 1 satellite is specifically designed to provide robust mobile connectivity to small, low-power devices.

Together, Ligado’s satellite and terrestrial services will work in close harmony to deliver innovative network solutions that support critical IoT endpoints in next-generation wireless network deployments.

Licensed Mid-Band Spectrum for Coverage and Capacity

Ligado plans to deliver 40 MHz of greenfield spectrum in the 1.5-1.6 GHz range. Lower mid-band spectrum (1-2 GHz) is the workhorse of the wireless industry due to its favorable propagation characteristics and versatility as a balanced coverage and capacity solution.

SkyTerra 1 Satellite

The Ligado SkyTerra 1 satellite is purpose built to provide robust connectivity to low-power, small form-factor devices that can operate seamlessly on both satellite and terrestrial networks. The satellite system leverages lower mid-band spectrum to provide ubiquitous connectivity throughout North America, extending the reach of terrestrial mobile networks and providing an added layer of network reliability.