Ligado is showcasing applications to demonstrate how our Value-Added Services will leverage our satellite capabilities for ever-expanding next-generation wireless use cases.

Unleashing the Potential of Unmanned Systems

Unmanned systems — whether aerial vehicles, marine vehicles, or self-driving cars — are playing greater roles in everything from safety and security to delivery. Ligado’s ubiquitous and ultra-reliable connectivity ensure that unmanned systems operate safely, securely, and efficiently beyond visual line of sight. When combined with the Ligado Custom Private Networks solution, reliability is taken to the next level, with command and control redundancy, and the ability to deliver bandwidth-intensive payloads.

Unmanned Systems

In this powerline inspection use case, Ligado demonstrates successful linear inspection of remote powerlines, giving utility companies the ability to carry out inspections that are beyond the visual line of sight. Inspections over long distances can be carried out with greater safety and frequency as compared to current manned methods.

Making High-Precision Location Accessible to Everyone

When vehicles and unmanned systems need to be reliably located within centimeters, the networks they depend on must rise to the challenge. To deliver High-Precision Location services throughout North America, the Ligado satellite network enables ubiquitous, scalable, and super-efficient delivery of high-bandwidth Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) correction data to small precision GNSS devices. As a result, customers gain access to economical High-Precision Location that supports a wide array of IoT and autonomous system solutions.

High-Precision Location

In this commercial trucking use case, Ligado generates and delivers correction data to precision GNSS receivers in commercial trucks and other vehicles throughout its North American satellite footprint, enabling precise location services. The satellite also delivers position reports to the fleet operator’s network.