From monitoring and aerial inspection to commercial deliveries, unmanned systems hold the promise to transform the safety, security and efficiency of daily life. But enabling widespread commercial adoption of unmanned systems – whether land, sea or air – requires proof of reliability and security. Ligado Networks is demonstrating these new capabilities today with several industry use cases.

Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS)

The ability to safely fly an unmanned aerial system (UAS) extended distances unleashes the commercial potential of unmanned systems. Industries like rail, oil and gas, agriculture and utilities can realize significant economic gain through inspections, surveillance and monitoring.

Ligado has demonstrated that its network can provide aviation-grade control over long distances and difficult terrain. Ligado’s L-band satellite covers North America, with enhanced propagation through foliage and adverse weather conditions. When combined with a custom-built wireless network, reliability is taken to the next level, with command and control redundancy and the ability to deliver bandwidth-intensive payloads.

Unmanned Systems

In this powerline inspection use case, Ligado’s network demonstrates successful linear inspection of remote powerlines. Giving utility companies the ability to view longer distances that are beyond the visual line of sight more safely and more frequently than current manned inspection methods.