GPS accuracy within meters is sufficient today for most consumer and industrial applications. But an expanding number of applications require centimeter-level accuracy. With its technology partners, Ligado Networks is developing a carrier-grade High-Precision Location service that tightly integrates satellite connectivity with a North American correction data system to enable high-precision, next generation Industrial IoT applications at lower costs.

Seamless Connectivity Makes Precision Localization Accessible to Everyone

To deliver High-Precision Location services throughout North America, Ligado’s SkyTerra 1 satellite enables pervasive, scalable and super-efficient delivery of high-bandwidth Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) correction data to small mobile devices. As a result, customers gain access to economical High-Precision Location for a wide array of Industrial IoT solutions.

Complementing existing advanced communication services, Ligado’s centimeter-level location technology will accelerate the use of autonomous and unmanned systems, as well as increased situational awareness. Ligado’s High-Precision Location will enable enhanced rail safety, unmanned surveillance and inspection and autonomous vehicle solutions.

High-Precision Location

In this commercial trucking use case, Ligado generates and delivers correction data to commercial trucks and other vehicles throughout its North American satellite footprint, enabling precise location services. The satellite also delivers position reports to the fleet’s operator’s network.