Emerging applications in unmanned systems and High-Precision Location promise to transform how business-critical operations are performed in the industrial sector. Ligado’s value-added services are designed to seamlessly integrate with network connectivity solutions. These value-added services will leverage unique technological capabilities such as Ligado’s Custom Private Networks and SkyTerra 1’s L-band satellite.

Unmanned Systems

Unmanned systems — whether aerial vehicles, marine vehicles or self-driving cars — are playing greater roles in areas ranging from safety and security to delivery. Ligado’s advanced connectivity is focused on ensuring unmanned systems can be operated safely, securely and efficiently beyond visual line of sight.

High-Precision Location

When vehicles and unmanned systems need to be reliably located within centimeters, the networks they rely on have to rise to the challenge. Ligado’s High-Precision Location will deliver a quantum leap improvement in pervasive location accuracy, helping realize new possibilities in automation and operations.