Performance and Flexibility

Ligado Networks has a simple vision for powering the Industrial IoT: deliver Custom Private Networks that combine the flexibility of customization and control with superior performance. Mid-band spectrum licenses, terrestrial and satellite capabilities and deep operational experience customizing network solutions are key to this unique value proposition.

Custom Private Networks

For companies looking to enable reliable and secure communications in challenging industrial environments of any size, Ligado’s Custom Private Networks are the answer. A ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach doesn’t work for Industrial IoT customers, so Ligado designs network solutions around specific use cases and physical requirements. This unique approach will optimize network performance while customers retain flexibility and control.

Licensed Mid-Band Spectrum for Coverage and Capacity

As the workhorse of today’s mobile networks, mid-band spectrum powers both terrestrial and satellite systems, meeting both coverage and capacity needs thanks to its unique propagation characteristics. Ligado’s mid-band spectrum licenses will provide significant flexibility for terrestrial deployments and integration with Ligado’s SkyTerra 1 satellite network operations.

L-band Satellite

Ligado’s SkyTerra 1 satellite system operates in the L-band, providing pervasive connectivity throughout North America. This satellite coverage can extend the terrestrial service used by industrial customers at enterprise or campus locations, enabling customers to operate private networks in remote areas.