Custom Private Networks Built for Industrial IoT

Leading industrial players are evaluating new data-driven solutions and advanced connectivity to implement next-generation IoT solutions that will move their businesses forward. But without a customized approach to deliver ultra-reliable and highly secure network solutions, industrial companies are hesitant to integrate these new capabilities into their business-critical operations.

Ligado Networks will break through these limitations by offering a suite of services, called Custom Private Networks, that exceed performance standards and simplify network management. Ligado will deliver IoT technology where and how industrial companies operate. Ours is an innovative model that encourages integration and participation from partners and solution providers. This approach will also modernize our nation’s core infrastructure by giving the industrial sector the tools they need to operate, deploy and provide next-generation technologies and services.

Technology Adoption Made Simple

To maximize investments in current technologies and mitigate the unnecessary proliferation of systems and networks, industrial customers demand IoT solutions that are backward compatible, scalable and flexible. Ligado’s approach considers the customer’s digital maturity, existing and new capabilities and operating environment to implement seamless IoT deployments that deliver the most value.

Customization and Control

Ligado’s collaborative approach provides network implementation and management designed to meet a company’s business objectives. Working with the customer, Ligado will devise wireless solutions to address environments ranging from in-building or campus-wide deployments to regional or nationwide networks utilizing roaming or satellite to extend coverage.

End-to-end control and visibility is critical to maximizing the business impact of IoT solutions. That’s why Ligado will also provide flexible options to enable customers to control the network, features and performance and operation – all key factors in realizing success.

Expanding Business-Critical Operations

Emerging applications in unmanned systems and High-Precision Location promise to transform how business-critical operations are performed in the industrial sector. Ligado is developing and expanding these new capabilities in support of the customer’s IoT and digital transformation initiatives.