Statement | December 7, 2019

Ligado Networks CEO Doug Smith Statement on NTIA Letter to the FCC

“It is important that the NTIA finally communicated its views on Ligado’s mid-band spectrum plan to the FCC. What’s appalling is that it took so long for NTIA to do nothing but regurgitate information which has already been sitting before the FCC for years and attempt to redefine harmful interference.

“This latest letter is nothing but a cut-and-paste of the same false claims about the DOT adjacent-band study premised on 1 dB that opponents of Ligado have been making for years and trying, unsuccessfully, to convince the FCC to adopt. The engineers and experts at the FCC clearly understand the negative consequences for current and future spectrum bands if 1 dB is applied to adjacent spectrum bands. Adopting this framework would be a departure from FCC precedent, sound spectrum policymaking and physics.

“With this latest submission, no one can argue that the record is not complete and so the time to make a decision is now. The final step is for the FCC to determine whether this tired and old information requires any change to its proposed resolution and then move forward to a decision.”

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