The unique capabilities of our satellite network enable mobile communications on land, in the air and at sea for a variety of business and government customers. Through strategic partnerships with service and technology providers, Ligado offers efficient, reliable, and low-latency communications throughout North America today.

Our network provides customers coverage and advanced mobile service when ground networks are damaged, congested or degraded.

Ligado’s SkyTerra 1 Satellite

Ligado provides coverage throughout North America over one of the most powerful L-band commercial satellites ever built. Ligado’s high-powered SkyTerra 1 satellite enables transmissions to small fixed and mobile devices by using a 22­-meter reflector-based antenna – the largest satellite reflector on a commercial satellite – bringing more data to smaller devices.

Ligado Satellite Network

Unique Satellite System

Our one­-of­-a­-kind satellite network uses a 22­-meter reflector-based antenna—the largest in service on a commercial satellite—to enable pervasive communications to small fixed and mobile devices.

Our network also employs state­-of­-the­-art capabilities such as ground-based beamforming for targeted bandwidth resource allocations which leads to stronger mobile connections and greater flexibility in managing network capacity.

Machine to Machine Solutions

With our partners, Ligado enables real­-time location based services, remote monitoring and management of fixed and mobile assets, and visibility into critical areas of an organization’s operations. M2M solutions provide low­-latency, secure data communications for:

  • Mobile asset tracking
  • Fleet management and telematics
  • Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)
  • Oil, gas and water pipeline flow monitoring
  • Power distribution and transmission monitoring

Voice Solutions

With our partners, Ligado enables interoperable mission-critical Push-to-Talk and Telephony Voice services that meet the needs of:

  • Emergency first responders and law enforcement agencies during emergencies and in disaster recovery situations
  • Homeland security officials, law enforcement, emergency responders and public safety officials from various U.S. departments and agencies that participate in Ligado’s national and regional SMART talk groups, which enable critical interoperable communications
  • Mobile workers who require voice connectivity outside ground network coverage for safety purposes and efficiency of operation
  • Fixed and rotary wing aircraft pilots and ground­-based personnel to improve safety and coordination

Broadcast Data Solutions

Ligado’s SkyTerra 1 satellite offers the ability to broadcast data more efficiently and with a broader reach than traditional ground networks. Content such as weather updates, emergency alerts and Over­-the-Air (OTA) software and firmware updates to mobile and fixed device platforms can be broadcast simultaneously across North America.

Satellite Partners

Ligado offers satellite network services through technology and service partners. Ligado continues to seek leading­-edge communications, technology and service companies that would like to join us to serve the existing and emerging opportunities in the enterprise, business and government markets.