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In The News | Wireless Week | Henry Wong, | May 26, 2017

A Message to the Administration on Spectrum: Find It, Fix It, Share It.

When working with innovative companies, my rule of thumb is “find it, fix it, fund it.” We can apply a similar methodology to spectrum, especially when it comes to realizing a future of new mobile-based opportunities and next generation networks. One of America’s most valuable resources is its radio spectrum – the invisible airwaves that not only power our smartphones and tablets today, but also autonomous vehicles and countless other “connected” innovations of tomorrow. Spectrum should be fully utilized so innovative startups will flourish and inventors can build new products and services, accelerating our country to full employment.

One example of a new spectrum sharing opportunity that doesn’t require long term government action is to combine current spectrum licenses to form more seamless connectivity. For example, there is a proposal before the FCC now that suggests combining radio waves meant for both satellite and ground-based communications to create more robust networks. While this proposal is still under review by the FCC, combining licenses offers operators an immediate opportunity to more spectrum and provides a faster path to higher bandwidth and expanded coverage.

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