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In The News | Forbes | Larry Downes | June 12, 2017

Ligado is Ready to Launch a New Mobile Network. Will the FCC Let Them?

Ligado emerged in 2015 with, it says, “new owners, new management, and a new attitude.” The company reached settlements with all major GPS device makers… It commissioned comprehensive interference studies, including one by the National Advanced Spectrum and Communications Test Network, a highly-respected government testing service.

And it agreed to lower power levels for its transmitters, shift functions between bands, and to forego terrestrial use of a significant part (10 MHz) of its licensed spectrum near GPS users.

Now the company is proposing to make a multi-billion dollar investment in new business-oriented mobile services. Over the next three to five years, Ligado plans to build an integrated advanced satellite and terrestrial network to support autonomous vehicles, commercial drones, and connected ports and rail systems.

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