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In The News | The Hill | Valerie Green | April 7, 2017

Let’s Invest in America’s Digital Infrastructure, Too

Op-Ed by Valerie Green, Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Officer for Ligado Networks.

As we plan how to create jobs and grow our economy in a fast-changing world, let’s not miss this opportunity to invest in America’s digital infrastructure. An ever-increasing proportion of our economy is dependent on high-speed connectivity, and the Internet of Things guarantees billions more connected devices will come online in the coming years. We can’t build our economy on creaky and outdated digital networks any more than we can on crumbling roads.

This is the driving force behind Ligado’s work to build the country’s first advanced satellite-terrestrial network. This is a big idea that has never been done before in North America. Promising security and reliability that dramatically exceed current capabilities, this network would support the industrial Internet of Things.

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