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In The News | Steven K. Berry, Doug Smith | May 20, 2019

The 5G Race is a Cross-Country Event, and Rural America Is a Key Team Member

As the buzz around “winning the race to 5G” continues to grab headlines, we should all keep in mind that the very existence of next-generation wireless technology is not inevitable, particularly in rural America.

Sure, we all want the United States to lead the world and be the first to fully deploy 5G, but that’s simply not going to happen if rural America is left behind. This race is like a cross-country team event: While the first to cross the finish line may get more points, the contest isn’t over until the entire team finishes. Rural America is a key member of the 5G team.

Given that deployments in cities like New York and Los Angeles will require vastly different infrastructure than suburban and rural geographies, it is encouraging to see lawmakers and regulators agree that a truly connected country won’t become a reality without access to more spectrum. And while important efforts are well under way to make high-band frequencies available, policy makers and government agencies are right to recognize the urgent need to pivot to the mid-band, some of which is available right now.

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