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In The News | The Hill | Debra Berlyn | January 18, 2017

2017: The Year to Adopt Spectrum Sharing

The annual Consumer Technology Association Conference held in Las Vegas this month was all about the Internet of Things. From robotics connected to the cloud to new, innovative smart home technologies and everything in between, the Internet of Things is already a trending topic of 2017.

Arguably even more important than the consumer IoT is the emerging industrial IoT – the prospect that digital, connected devices will improve everything from our roadways to our emergency response to our national security.

However, these remarkable new technologies will only be deployed if we make it a national priority to invest in technologies to build the high-speed network they will require. Just as a train can’t run without tracks, IoT can’t run without a modern digital infrastructure. As we look to the new administration and Congress, there are clear and immediate steps the government and the private sector can take to enhance the IoT for everyone – from children playing with their holiday gifts to senior citizens whose quality of life can be dramatically improved with new technologies that keep them safe, mobile, and connected to the world.

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