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Today's Capabilities
Tomorrow's Capabilities
Today's Capabilities

Enhanced Safety and Efficiency

To enable higher levels of operational efficiency, security and worker safety, human communications and machine connectivity technologies must be pervasive, robust and dependable.

The Ligado satellite network currently serves freight and passenger trains across North America, driving operational efficiencies. With the introduction of an all-IP service platform and device ecosystem from our partners, Ligado can further serve the rail industry by helping it meet worker and passenger safety mandates.

Tomorrow's Capabilities

Connectivity Anywhere, All the Time

With the Ligado advanced satellite­-terrestrial network in place, the rail industry will benefit from more precise location tracking, increased capacity and coverage for real­-time data monitoring and pervasive, highly secure and ultra-reliable connectivity.

Real­-time narrowband and broadband data from both trains and tracks will be transmitted securely to dispatch, other trains and maintenance workers. This will enhance critical operational decision-making and improve the ability to avert devastating collisions, derailments and other life-threatening issues.

Unique Satellite System


No other L-band commercial communications satellite in North America has the capability of our SkyTerra 1 satellite. Ligado’s spectrum characteristics are well-suited to deliver a unique network that serves mission-critical IoT and the emerging 5G market.

We want to improve existing capabilities to fill a need for our customer base of critical industries that make up the American infrastructure. That’s especially important for things that move, such as trains, planes and automobiles, and where reliable service is crucial for safety.

Midband Spectrum


Regardless of what part of the satellite-terrestrial network is used, its advanced capabilities always can be accessed thanks to the seamless connectivity enabled by utilizing mid­-band spectrum.

For example, using the same mid-band spectrum would allow an in-flight helicopter taking advantage of satellite connectivity at higher altitudes to also access terrestrial elements of the network when closer to the ground.

Customizable Ground Network


Because they are purpose­-built, extremely flexible and designed to meet specific customer requirements, custom networks deliver seamlessly connected, ultra-reliable and highly secure services.

Business and government customers have the opportunity to work with Ligado to install custom network sites at the exact ground locations where additional bandwidth is needed. These sites would enhance Ligado’s “always­-on” satellite coverage at higher altitudes and in remote areas.

Precision Location, Security and Reliability


Ligado’s advanced satellite-terrestrial network will lead to expanded deployments of new technologies that can take advantage of a network that provides high­-precision location down to centimeters, end­-to-end security, and ultra-reliable mobile connectivity.