Whitepapers | U.S. House of Representatives - Internet of Things Working Group | Rep. Bob Latta and Rep. Peter Welch | December 30, 2016

Internet of Things Working Group Year-End White Paper

By Rep. Bob Latta and Rep. Peter Welch

The goals of our working group are to educate members on the Internet of Things (IoT), identify issues affecting deployment of these emerging technologies, explore the benefits and challenges of the IoT for consumers and interested stakeholders, examine the possible role of the federal government in advancing IoT technologies, and explore the potential for public private partnerships in this sector.

The working group held five Member-level roundtables from the launch of the working group in May 2016 to the end of the year. These off-the-record roundtables presented an opportunity for robust dialogue between Members and interested stakeholders exploring the many sectors that IoT impacts and questions that need to be addressed moving forward.

Read the full white paper here.


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