Blog | February 24, 2022

Remembering Maqbool

A Note from Ligado Networks CEO Doug Smith:

The last few days have been difficult for Ligado, as we lost our dear friend, colleague, and chief technology officer – Maqbool Aliani – to cancer on February 19. He was surrounded by family and the love of his friends. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all his loved ones during this difficult time.

Our hearts are heavy, and our sadness runs deep because Maqbool was so integral to our company and such a dear friend to so many of us.

Maqbool was my friend for nearly a quarter of a century. We met in the late 90s at Nextel in the early days of cellular technology, and our paths crossed many times over the decades. I was fortunate to work with him for the past 12 years here at Ligado. He was widely known in our industry for his knowledge, passion, and intellect, and for his love for a fancy pair of socks, good food, and late-night chats. He loved to travel, and his work in telecommunications technology enabled him to travel to all corners of the globe.

What I personally loved about working with Maqbool was his relentless dedication to some of the most complex technological challenges in our industry. He led with science and pushed everyone around him to take the time to understand the science, but he didn’t stop there. He understood that science interacts with law, business, and policy, and he sought to weave them together. He was as stubborn as he was patient, always willing to teach those around him. He firmly believed that technology could solve any policy challenge, and he brought together the teams of engineers and experts to do it.

Friends, coworkers, former coworkers, and even competitors gathered to remember him on Monday, mourn his passing, and celebrate his life. While I like to think our friendship was unique – and it was in many ways – I was reminded that Maqbool connected with virtually everyone he crossed paths with and that he maintained his friendships with the same care that he brought to solving complex technical problems.

He remained dedicated to his work with us to the very end – joining our calls, participating in meetings, and offering his wise counsel. He said it gave him energy for his fight.

Maqbool will always be close at heart. I hope that the tenderness held in our collective memories will bring us all some solace and his family some peace.

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