Articles | The CCA Voice | Scott Wiener | March 6, 2018

The Power of the Private Network

 The CCA Voice features article by Scott Wiener, Ligado Networks Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer

Next-generation wireless private networks will need dedicated, licensed spectrum to meet their specific needs. Using dedicated spectrum, each implementation can be highly customized to address a customer’s business needs and unique operating environment. Spectrum may be allocated to a building, a campus or a broader geographic area, as defined by the customer. Licensed spectrum gives the customer a highly reliable service that is free from outside contention along with the security of a private network.

Of course, all of this is only possible with spectrum, which underscores the necessity of timely action from regulators to make sure the finite resource of U.S. airwaves is being allocated and utilized as efficiently as possible. Simply, spectrum is the power behind the success of a private network.

2018 is already bringing tremendous disruption to the wireless industry. Our aim must be to extend that revolution to reach every corner of the critical industries that make up our nation’s infrastructure – with the understanding that our industry, our country and the global economy stand to reap the benefits.

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