Blog | Ligado Networks | Valerie Green | July 25, 2017

One of America’s Largest Helicopter Operators Voices Support for Ligado’s Plan

Metro Aviation, a major operator of air ambulance services throughout the country, filed comments with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) today in support of Ligado’s proposal to build an Advanced Satellite Terrestrial Network. Metro, an aviation industry leader, is an important user of our network, and this filing provides further evidence that Ligado can operate our planned network safely for helicopters and other aircraft.

For nearly two years, we’ve worked with a wide array of industry and government stakeholders to design an advanced network that can coexist with our spectrum neighbors and better serve the nation’s mission critical industries with more secure and reliable connectivity. Our engagement with top GPS manufacturers, the aviation community and the Federal Aviation Administration demonstrates that our proposal will protect GPS and aviation safety.

We are proud to contribute to Metro’s safety efforts by providing critical communications for their aircraft and look forward to delivering even more advanced services to Metro and other aviation partners with FCC approval for our network plans.

Read Metro Aviation’s FCC filing here.

Valerie Green is Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Officer at Ligado Networks


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