Whitepapers | CTIA | Tom Power | February 23, 2017

Fostering 21st Century Wireless Connectivity

Today, America leads the world in wireless. The next-generation of mobile networks, 5G, will be transformative.

5G networks will be 10 times faster, accommodate 100 times more devices and be 5 times more responsive than what’s possible today. 5G will enable “smart communities” that will improve residents’ lives and grow local economies. And 5G’s increased capacity will allow the Internet of Things to flourish.

From health care and public safety to transportation and energy, every sector of our country’s economy will benefit from 5G. We’ll help create three million new jobs and generate $500 billion in GDP growth. More families will be connected, more lives will be saved, and more futures will be transformed.

Read CTIA’s white paper here.


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