Whitepapers | The Aspen Institute | Richard Adler | January 19, 2017

Aspen Institute Report Sets the Communications Policy Agenda for the Next Administration

The Aspen Institute Communications and Society Program (C&S) issued a new report today, Setting the Communications Policy Agenda for the Next Administration. Each year, the Aspen Institute Communications and Society Program convenes an annual conference that focuses on topics related to communications policy. Participants, including regulators and other policymakers along with scholars and representatives of telecom companies and public interest groups, meet to address a specific issue and develop recommendations for constructive action around that issue.

At the 31st Annual Aspen Institute Conference on Communications Policy, which took place several months before the 2016 presidential election, participants heard a keynote talk from Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler, compared the current communications landscape to what the digital and broadband environment might look like in 2020, and then considered contrasting approaches (Democratic and Republican) to how governments should maximize the public interest in addressing the pressing communications issues of the day. Participants then developed a list of strategies and action steps for the new Administration.

Download a PDF of the report here.


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