Ligado Networks is focused on next­-generation connectivity and the deployment of advanced mobile networks. That’s why we’re working to bring mid­-band spectrum to market as soon as possible.

Access to more mid­-band spectrum will enable the delivery of advanced mobile connectivity and accelerate the transition to next-generation networks. Once it’s in the pipeline, mid­-band spectrum can be a foundation for innovative network deployments. The advanced satellite-terrestrial network would be uniquely suited to serve things that move – trains, planes and automobiles. The transportation industry requires seamless connectivity to perform critical functions.

Accelerating Mobile Connections for the Internet of Things

The emerging IoT market creates a new opportunity for operators to innovate their engineering capabilities and redesign network architectures to support different types of new mobile devices.

However, today’s network operators need to support the ever­-growing needs of their existing mobile broadband customers and understandably prioritize newly available spectrum for their existing networks. The challenge for accelerating this emerging mobile IoT market comes when we ask those same operators to devote that same available spectrum to build a different, advanced network to meet next-generation IoT requirements.

Advanced networks need new real estate – greenfield spectrum not currently in use – if we are to successfully accelerate the deployment of next­-generation networks optimized for mission-critical IoT use within the emerging 5G market.

Enabling Use of Mid­-Band Spectrum to Deliver Next-Generation Connectivity

To accelerate next-generation connectivity for mission-critical IoT and the emerging 5G market, Ligado is enabling satellite and ground use of mid-band spectrum to deploy an advanced mobile network that will deliver pervasive, highly secure and ultra-reliable connectivity across all of North America.

Delivering Opportunities for Rural America and Smart Cities

Today, Ligado operates a powerful commercial mobile satellite network with the capability to seamlessly integrate ground operations to deliver next-generation connectivity in rural communities. As big cities and small towns evaluate the potential for Smart City deployments in their communities, Ligado’s advanced satellite-terrestrial network can uniquely support an array of applications to transform management of critical infrastructure, transportation systems and public safety.

Ligado’s Advanced Satellite-Terrestrial Network

Mid-Band Spectrum

Regardless of what part of the satellite-terrestrial network is used, its advanced capabilities always can be accessed thanks to the seamless connectivity enabled by utilizing mid­-band spectrum.

For example, using the same mid-band spectrum would allow an in-flight helicopter taking advantage of satellite connectivity at higher altitudes to also access terrestrial elements of the network when closer to the ground.