Our connected lives are supported by many networks, ranging from satellite connectivity that extends mobile coverage to the most remote areas in North America to wireless connectivity that supports an explosion of mobile data traffic. At Ligado Networks, we believe that increased spectrum availability and continued investment in the deployment of advanced networks can deliver more innovative ways to connect people, devices, objects, vehicles, and automated systems in an increasingly mobile lifestyle and economy.

A Powerful Satellite Network

Ligado provides coverage to critical industries throughout North America through its state-of-the-art satellite network. With Machine-to-Machine communications, Push-to-Talk and voice telephony, Ligado and our partners support an array of connectivity offerings for government and industry.

An Advanced Satellite-Terrestrial Network for the Future

Ligado is focused on providing pervasive, highly secure and ultra-reliable connectivity through a unique satellite and ground-based network. The result will be robust and dependable connectivity for commercial transportation, aviation, rail, public safety, other critical industries, and government. These sectors are the core of infrastructure, and today there is not a network specialized to meet this crucial need. The characteristics of our spectrum make it particularly well-suited to deliver a unique network that serves mission-critical IoT and the emerging 5G market.

The Versatile Connectivity of Mid-Band Spectrum

By deploying greenfield mid-band spectrum on a ground-based network, Ligado can operate an advanced satellite-terrestrial network to serve mission-critical IoT applications and the emerging 5G market that require next-generation mobile connectivity.