Principal Engineer, Communications Systems Analysis and Optimization

Job Description:

Ligado Networks is looking for a highly experienced Wireless Communications Systems Engineer with strong analytical/simulation skills.

Education and Qualifications:

  • Minimum MSEE, with 15+ years relevant industry experience in satellite/terrestrial communications. Ph. D preferred.
  • Proficiency in technical analysis and simulation.
    • Technical analysis:
      • Strong background in communication theory, signal processing, math/probability.
      • Familiar with methods for statistical modeling of systems and processes.
      • Experienced in using regression analysis and optimization methods, such as Least-squares/MMSE/LCMV.
  • Simulations and programming
    • Capable of performing detailed simulations of statistical processes, such as communications system and network performance modeling.
    • Familiarity with simulation tools (e.g., MATLAB/Simulink).
    • Strong programming skills (C, Visual Basic, MATLAB, etc.).
    • DSP programming skills a plus.
  • Communications systems engineering skills:
    • RF/physical layer
      • Overall familiarity with microwave systems RF components and physical layer parameters for satellite and terrestrial applications:
        • Link budget analysis and interference calculations.
        • Intermodulation product analysis.
        • Modulation and forward error correction.
        • Access methods, such as TDMA/CDMA/FDMA.
      • Higher level communications systems protocol layers:
        • Network capacity and sizing analysis.
        • Queuing theory.
        • Analysis of contention-based protocols
  • Strong interpersonal skills:
    • Ability to convey complex ideas in a clear and concise manner, both verbally and in writing.
    • Strong sense of self-motivation. Ability to take initiative with minimal direction.


A detailed and compelling compensation package will be outlined for the selected candidate. Ligado Networks is an Equal Opportunity Employer.